For nearly 70 years, Quaker Windows & Doors has been providing “The right solution for every home.” to our customers when it comes to windows and doors that will truly set a home or building project apart.

As one of a select few companies that manufacturers wood, vinyl and aluminum window and door solutions for both the commercial and residential markets, Quaker offers that unique blend of design, quality and craftsmanship, with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to create the perfect solution a home or commercial project. Manufactured in Freeburg, Missouri, Quaker partners with AWD to help give our customers the highest quality products, service and support.

Commercial grade, impact tested

Quaker® VuPoint™

The Quaker® VuPoint™ series was commercially designed for low to mid-rise buildings where energy efficiency, durability, ease of maintenance and design flexibility are key requirements. Now adapted for residential applications, this series uses only heavy-duty architectural hardware that is mounted into structural reinforced metal. All VuPoint windows are impact tested, giving you confidence for projects in coastal and high wind regions of the country.

Energy efficient, maintenance free

Quaker® Manchester™

When building your new home, the Quaker® Manchester™ series is a logical choice for all-around energy efficiency, affordability and zero upkeep. The Manchester series is made with fusion welded corners and a frame made of thicker vinyl than most competitors’ windows, which means your windows last longer even under intense weather fluctuations and degradation over time.

Old-world craft, modern technology

Quaker® Brighton™

The Quaker® Brighton™ series is an artisanal dream. The cozy interior experience that Brighton provides is due to specially treated radiata pine interior, with a robust architectural aluminum exterior for protection from the elements. This special series is made with up to 40% more wood material compared to leading competitive brands. Brighton products are the most durable and thermally efficient in our residential line and provide a beautiful, warm look.

Up to 15 different color options
Durable, long-lasting windows.
Beautiful appearance

Quaker windows have lots of benefits for your home!