AWD strives to give our customers the best products available. Because of this, we have partnered with Weather Shield to bring yet another quality offering that will distinguish us as a premium distributor. Weather Shield has products that will satisfy the need and budget of almost all consumers. Below is a brief description of what is available. For a full viewing of all the Weather Shield has to offer please follow the link provided to their website.

Weather Shield is family-owned, with three generations actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. Based in Medford, Wisconsin, Weather Shield proudly offers its comprehensive products and services nationwide. With more than 1,900 employees dedicated to providing everything homeowners want in windows and doors, we invite you to discover everything Weather Shield has to offer.

Contemporary. Beautiful. Practical.


Contemporary Collection

Embracing seamless and modern design, this aluminum-clad wood collection is specifically crafted to enhance the expansive views of custom, high-end homes. Windows and doors with a seamless, modern aesthetic have been flawlessly engineered and painstakingly crafted for those who reject compromise. This innovative and exceptional collection is intended specifically to enhance the expansive views of custom, high-end homes.


Premium Series

Celebrating exceptional craftsmanship, this collection combines timeless aesthetics with the latest advancements in energy efficiency to create an authentic, enduring look for any high-end home. Our Premium Series embraces our founder’s vision of combining old-world craftsmanship with innovative designs and materials. This comprehensive collection features timeless aesthetics with the latest advancements in energy efficiency. The end result is a broad, bold and beautiful palette to help bring your dream design to life.


Signature Series

Honoring classic design aesthetics, this aluminum-clad wood collection makes Weather Shield quality accessible across a broad range of popular home styles. Our Signature Series features the classic aesthetics and materials that embody Weather Shield’s dedication to quality. With innovative design and an emphasis on energy efficiency, our Signature collection is exactly that — our signature.

Stylish, contemporary designs



Multiple, interesting configurations

Top-notch materials

Weather Shield is perfect for your contemporary home!