AWD is proud to be able to bring its clients Sierra Pacific Windows. With 125 combined years in the window and door business, they’re a household name west of the Rockies, and their reputation is quickly making its way across the rest of the country. Sierra Pacific Windows is building the most uncompromising windows and doors possible for clients with the highest expectations, a fact we’re proving one beautiful project at a time. Sierra Pacific products are installed in 30 countries around the globe, with a focus on residential and light commercial construction in North America.


Fully encased in heavy-duty, extruded aluminum

The things that set our windows and doors apart have big implications for longevity and performance. For starters, the exteriors of our clad wood windows and patio doors are fully encased in heavy-duty, extruded aluminum that’s twice as thick as roll-form cladding. It only takes one hailstorm to demonstrate the benefit of this. Although more expensive to manufacture, all but our anodized collection is AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 powder coated for greater surface hardness, scratch resistance and color retention, than ordinary liquid paint.



Superior wood, superior windows

Underneath this cladding is the thermal superiority of select woods. Our wood is treated and protected against insects and moisture with our patented, naturally organic CoreGuard Plus™ preservative.

Inside our world-class frames is high-performance glazing with customized options for your exact weather and environmental conditions. As a finishing touch, our insulated glass uses No-Metal TrueWarm® Edge polymer structural foam spacers. This dramatically improves energy efficiency and reduces seal failures often caused by the more common metal spacers.

Strict control of our seed-to-window manufacturing takes many steps. Here’s what true vertical integration requires:

Own the land

Innovations in “sustained yield” forest management and timber harvesting will nearly triple the amount of wood growing on our land in the next 100 years, with average tree diameters doubling in that time.

Process the wood

Harvested wood goes to one of our 14 sawmills in California and Washington to be carefully prepared for use.

Convert the lumber

Our finest grade timber goes to our state-of-the-art millwork facilities where it’s turned into components for our windows and doors.

Assemble the components

Milled pieces are assembled into world-class windows and doors in one of our three manufacturing facilities.

Ship the products

Transportation is carefully controlled to be sure all materials arrive on time and in pristine condition.

Use everything

The fiber remaining from one operation becomes the raw material for another. Shavings become animal bedding; bark becomes landscape material or boiler fuel for dry kilns and electricity generation.

Create energy

Using bark and other remaining fiber as boiler fuel, our seven cogeneration facilities produce more than enough power to operate our mills. The balance is sold to CA utility companies to help local communities and reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.